Splain to me Lucy

March 26, 2016
by A. Taupier-van de Water

“Hey Insurance Company… Nobody’s Perfect”

This line from an insurance company commercial reflects the naive, self-centered and childish notions of a new generation of young adults.

Instead of taking the time to make sure you endeavor to do a good job, it is easier and acceptable today to use the excuse—

“Nobody’s Perfect”

(btw… I used to hear this a lot in 5th grade)

What these young people may not realize is that this excuse cuts both ways.

How would these same, self-excused, imperfect individuals react when, say,

Their bank fails to properly apply their deposit,


When their creditor fails to timely credit their payment and charges a late fee,


When their attorney looses their case,

and the response is—

“Hey Customer— Nobody’s Perfect”





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