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Congressional Deadlock


What’s all the hullabaloo?

Why do so many like to blame congress for being sluggish, cumbersome and impotent?

The last time I looked, congress is elected by the citizens, and the citizens expect their chosen representatives to abide by the campaign platforms on which they run. So it seems that it is “We the People” who are divided and that division is simply manifest in our representative bodies.

Is gridlock such a bad thing?

The founders incorporated mechanisms into our constitution to prevent abuses. These mechanisms also work to intentionally create occasions of inaction and impotence.

Gridlock, by design, is an invaluable product of the democratic process. It prevents, or at minimum, delays the progress of policies that may at times clearly and almost evenly divide “We the People”. It affords us the time to absorb and thoughtfully reflect on proposed policies and perhaps revisit and rethink our positions.

It is not congress, it is ” We the People”… as it should be!

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